CleverNote - Note taking for Google Drive and Android. Import from Evernote and Springpad

Serious about notes

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"I want my notes available anywhere"

That's why we support full offline working, making ClevertNote the perfect Chromebook companion.

"I don't want to be a hostage to monthly fees or services that disappear"

That's why we provide a full import of notes and attachments from Springpad, Evernote and Catch. All notes are stored in Google Drive, so are accessible even without CleverNote!

"I want my notes to be part of my online life"

Not only do we store your notes in Google Drive, but we integrate with other Google services too. Today, you can synchronise your tasks between Google Tasks and CleverNote, and your notes are available in Gmail, with more exciting integrations on the way.

Free (as in beer)

We are working on a pricing model that delivers genuine value to our users. We will release full details with the launch. Users who register during the beta will be thanked with a lifetime, free licence. We don't like bait-and-switch any more than you do.

Changes from Beta 2

The big thing for Beta 3 is the Android client. To support this we have made a few changes to the web service:-

  • Background sync. Notes within the web app are updated within a few seconds of an Android sync.
  • Reduced permissions. We have further reduced the permissions that we need for your Google Drive. CleverNote can now only see CleverNote notes.
    NB. This means you will be prompted to grant us an additional permission. This new permission replaces the existing permissions, giving you greater privacy.

"One more thing... "

We haven't finished CleverNote. We haven't even begun to finish it. But we think we've finished starting it. Our plans and roadmap for CleverNote have got us beyond excited. Join us.