brings together the best features of existing note applications, and extends them to integrate with your digital life.

Evernote and Catch import. With just 6 mouse clicks (3 in Evernote and 3 in  ), your entire collection of Evernote and Catch notes can be imported. No more monthly fees and no more worrying about losing your memories.

Easy navigation.  All of your notes are quickly accessible from the tree view. Drag and drop to move notes between folders. Open multiple notes in tabs. Notes can be 'popped out' to view alongside your other windows.

Stored in Google Drive. All of your notes are stored in your Google Drive. This means:-

  1. You are not reliant on a third party to store your notes.
  2. Free lifetime storage up to your Google imposed limits.
  3. Access to all the great features of Drive such as language translation and revision history.
  4. Back to the future with HTML. A lot of people were using Google Docs to edit HTML. For perfectly sound reasons, Google moved away from HTML as its document format, which left some users at a dead-end. Because  uses HTML for its notes and allows editing of the underlying HTML source, those users can now return to Google Docs. Google Notebook users, we hear you!

Offline working. Click on the storage icon and you can instruct CleverNote to store your notes on your local PC. All updates will be applied to both Drive and your local copy. Click again, and CleverNote will work offline, and only sync with Drive when back online. We will be packaging CleverNote as a Chrome App so it can be permanently installed in your browser and behave like a local app.

Notes from email. Forward any email to to create notes from emails. Need to update your note via email? No problem, just send the updates to Need to search and retrieve your notes by email? That's no problem either. Just email with your search terms in the subject.

Google Chrome extension.  Sometimes you need to make a quick note without opening a new tab or browser window. With the Chrome extension, you can do just that. Clicking the C icon will poup a New Note window. If you are making notes related to the web page you are reading, you can "link" the note to that page. Next time you visit that page your note is automatically shown. This even works for Gmail. Use to attach a note to an email. Each time you view the email, your note is right there. NB. THE CHROME EXTENSION HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY WITHDRAWN WHILE WE UPDATE IT.

Google Tasks integration.  Often, a note will contain a list of "todo" items. Using you can easily turn notes into Google Tasks. Just select some text and click the button. will insert the selecetd text as a new Task in your Google Tasks. Completion is synchronised too, so marking the note as completed in will update Google Tasks, and also vice versa.

And there's more on the way. Our plan is to never quite finish  development. As technology and lifestyles evolve, will constantly evolve with them. We are already working on extensions for Google Glass, which we passionately believe will be a game-changer for us all.

Other enhancements that are underway include:-

  1. Calendar integration.  will maintain a timeline of all of your note activities
  2. Encrypted notes
  3. Intelligent note templates/forms for those notes that have structured content. This will be supported by a simple query language to help you categorise your knowledge base.