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How do I import my notes?

From CleverNote's perspective, importing notes and importing Evernote notes is the same, so the procedure below applies. The difference is how the "enex" import file is created. Check out this 3 minute YouTube video which shows the full process.

How can I create folders outside of CleverNote?

The aim of CleverNote is to provide great management of your notes. This means we focus on your CleverNote folder and the folders and notes thereunder.

Remember that all of the features of Google Drive are always available at

What about my existing Drive documents?

For your privacy, we do not ask for permission to access any of your Drive files. CleverNote can only access notes that have been created by CleverNote, or imported from say Catch or Evernote. If you would like an import facility for your Driev files, please drop us an email at, or check out our support pages listed above and let us know what youwould like to see.

Remember that all of the features of Google Drive are always available at

How do I import my Evernote notes?

For those who like to watch, there is a video of the procedure on our Google Plus page here

There are two simple steps to do this. 

Step 1. Export your Evernote notes
    You will need to login to Evernote using the Windows or Mac client.
Unfortunately you can't export from the Evernote Web interface. (Feel free to vote for Evernote to add that capability here). 

Right-click on All notes
Choose Export notes...
Choose Export a file in ENEX format (.enex)

Accept the default filename (remember where you saved it as you'll need that in Step 2.

Step 2. Import into

Login in to CleverNote and click the Import button. Choose "Evernote/Catch";

In the File Picker that opens, click Choose Files to Upload and select the xxx.enex file that you saved in Step 1.


That's all there is to it. Just 6 mouse clicks!

All of your Evernote notes will be imported into a new folder with the same name as your Evernote user. 

Please note, Evernote does not export details of which notebooks your notes were stored in. (Feel free to ask Evernote to change this). Depending on how many notes you have, it may be as simple as creating a new set of folders to mimic your Evernote notebook structure and then use drag and drop to move the notes into the new folders. Tip: In Evernote, you can select all of the notes in a folder and then apply a tag to the selected notes.

As an alternative, it is possible to export individual notebooks, and then import them all into . To do this, repeat Step 1 to export each notebook instead of exporting All notes. In Step 2, you can select all of the exported xxxx.enex files using ctrl-Click. will create a folder for each of your Evernote notebooks.


Which browsers does CleverNote support?

We make use of HTML5, and will do more so in the future for offline editing. For this reason we only support Chrome, Firefox, Safari and MS Internet Explorer version 10 and above.

How do I link to Google Tasks?

What if I use another task manager such as "Remember The Milk" instead of Google Tasks?

We will provide a number of custom connectors for other task manager applications. Currently we have a simple email connector which will forward new tasks to a designated email address. Just email wth your specific requests, or use our Moderator page and we'll try to build something.